'...And, like the monk’s raking, that meditative spirit is conveyed to the viewer, so that, if we are properly receptive, the paintings will lure us into their contemplative compass and envelop us. We might then perceive them not primarily as physical objects, but as dream-like evocations of ongoing actions and events....' Peter Timms

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Jenny works from her studio 'Cloudstone',  30 minutes north of Hobart. 

Her work is made in response to the textures of the places we inhabit, focusing on the process of making using surface and line.  The history of the paintings is evident in the build up of marks and layers.  They track the passage of time, and the process of coming into their own being, seeking to create a connection between the artist and the viewer.

Jenny holds a BA (Hons) from the Australian National University and an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Hobart School of Art in 2006, majoring in painting and print making. 

Jenny is represented by Fox Jensen Gallery